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Delta Dental dentists always file claim forms on behalf of enrollees and accept payment directly from Delta Dental so that patients are not required to pay up front and wait for reimbursement.

Claim forms are also used to request a pre-treatment estimate.

(This may vary by contract.) Typically, the same coinsurance percentage applies to all services grouped under diagnostic and preventive services.

The circumstances or conditions that define who and when a person may qualify to enroll in a plan and/or a specific category of covered services.

In-network dentists have agreed to participate in a plan and to provide treatment according to certain administrative guidelines and to accept their contracted fees as payment in full.

Different plans are served by distinct dentist networks.

The dentist receives a monthly capitation payment for each patient that selects or is assigned to that office no matter how many services that patient receives.

Each plan contains a list of conditions or circumstances that limit or exclude services from coverage.A plan feature that allows enrollees to visit the dentists of their choice (freedom of choice).Also sometimes used to describe an enrollee’s ability to seek treatment from a specialist without first obtaining a referral from his/her primary care dentist.(This may vary by contract.) Typically, the same coinsurance percentage applies to all services grouped as basic services.Compensation paid to general dentists in closed network dental benefit plans (such as a DHMO) for providing covered services to enrollees assigned to their office.

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