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The group is built around the four (Lenny Gomulka and Chicago Push, Push Records CPE9501, 1995) Since Marion Lush has been gone for over 20 years, I say it's time to give Lenny Gomulka the "Golden Voice of Polkas" crown.

His voice is always wonderful, his songwriting is excellent and his recorded output is always professionally produced.

After Ingram's winner, former President Barack Obama tweeted congratulations to the team — and its well-known nun.'When we have home games, I say a prayer with all the fans, too, and pray for the opponents, too, that none of us get hurt and that the referees do a good job and all that kind of stuff,' Schmidt said.

Schmidt, who played high school basketball in San Francisco in the 1930s, gets around in a wheelchair these days because of a broken hip that caused her to miss games this season — a rarity over nearly 25 years.

It's a marvelous tearjerker and I love it (you can see them perform it live on Youtube).

The team chaplain since the early 1990s, Schmidt is an institution at home games, wearing her personalized Nikes.

On this DVD, you'll see them in concert in their native Jalisco, Mexico.

They're in fine form and look like they're having a good time, just like I do whenevr I watch them.

Not only that, he was the first person to write and tell me he liked my polka website.

I bought this CD so I could own "For Old Time Sake Waltz," which Lenny wrote for him and Eddie Blazonczyk to sing together.

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