Norton antivirus corporate edition not updating

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The VDTM is a fully automated solution for virus definitions distribution, and is enabled by default between servers and their managed clients.With the VDTM, it is only necessary to update one server in order to update all computers in the network.Most of us on these boards are familiar with the consumer products.There is a quite a difference between the two product lines. Hi Slak, This problem can happen when the account that Live Update uses is not authorized to connect to the Live Update server.This is mentioned in the following Support Article for this error in Symantec Anti Virus Enterprise/Corporate edition: Hi Yogesh_mohan, Thanks for the reply, if I give that user full control of those two folders will that allow live update to run from that non admin account then?I also found that some other pcs that are using symantec corporate edition version 10, that when I log in as a standard user and click live update it says: "Restricted users can run liveupdate in silent mode only. Why and how do you configure symantec corporate edition to run in silent mode?Be sure to upgrade safely, update your virus definitions daily, and scan your computer weekly. software to automatically scan your computer for viruses.However, you can run a scan at any time by following the instructions below.

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thanks, slak Hello slak, Your question would be better addressed on the Symantec Connect corporate forums located here.A Live Update session that is scheduled through the Symantec System Center or scheduled through the User Interface of Symantec Anti Virus uses the System account.When you start Live Update manually from the Symantec Anti Virus user interface, the Live Update session uses the active user account.Before you begin: If you are using Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition 7.x, some of these instructions will not work.For the correct procedures, read the document How to update virus definitions for Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition.

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