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As the land gradually rose again the sea coast retreated and the fresh water courses of today took shape.Following the demise of the Champlain Sea the Ottawa River Valley continued to drain the waters of the emerging Upper Great Lakes basin through Lake Nipissing and the Mattawa River.The resulting arm of the ocean is known as the Champlain Sea.Fossil remains of marine life dating 12 to 10 thousand years ago have been found in marine clay throughout the region.Sand deposits from this era have produced vast plains, often dominated by pine forests, as well as localized areas of sand dunes, such as Westmeath and Constance Bay.Clay deposits from this period have resulted in areas of poor drainage, large swamps, and peat bogs in some ancient channels of this river.The Algonquin define themselves in terms of their position on the river, referring to themselves as the Omàmiwinini, 'down-river people'.

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Thereafter Lake Nipissing drained westward, through the French River which later became a link in the historic canoe route to the West.In this false-colour satellite image, the Ottawa River flows southeast, joining the St. Heavily forested areas appear differing shades of orange/red, while farmland is tan shades., Algonquin: Kitchissippi), is a river in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The river rises at Lake Capimitchigama, in the Laurentian Mountains of central Quebec, and flows west to Lake Timiskaming.For most of its length, it defines the border between these two provinces. From there its route has been used to define the interprovincial border with Ontario.Inland, and mostly south of the river, older river channels, which date back to the end of the ice age, and no longer have flowing water, have sometimes filled with a different wetland type, peat bog. The Ottawa River lies in the Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben, which is a Mesozoic rift valley that formed 175 million years ago.Much of the river flows through the Canadian Shield, although lower areas flow through limestone plains and glacial deposits.

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