Aspxgridview onrowupdating

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No more code is necessary for managing data and we can now comfortably start with the interface. There are several methods for achieving the same result.If you are interested in more you can check this Grid Editing – Edit Modes A rich set of editors for different column types allows column values to be modified with ease.If you run the example right now and double click on a row, you should see something similar to this: Even if this looks nice and simple, you maybe noticed that the fields are not editable.

You can change this easily be creating your own database and changing the connection string in the web config.

In case the user hits Escape key (27) we will just get out of the edit mode by calling Cancel Edit method.

Once Update Edit is called a callback will be generated and the Row Updating server side method will be executed, in which we will need to handle the persistence of the data.

Still I will let you discover them and invent new ones.

We are going to make our row editable on double click and in order to achieve that we will write down a function (in Java Script) that is going to be associated to the grids client side event called Row Dbl Click. At first we will add in our ASPX file, inside the grid definition a new section that is called Client Side Events (as we already did for other controls) and it will look like: It is that simple!

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