31 year old man dating 19 year old

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All the out gay guys here are nice, but most are sassy stereotypical caricature flamer types and I’m not attracted to any of them.

But those are the kind of people who are out at 16.

But even so, fiftysomething gay men do not invite 13-year-old boys to sleepovers for the same reason fiftysomething straight men don’t invite 13-year-old girls to sleepovers: suspicions will be aroused, even if nothing else is.

I know the logical thing is for me to wait, but how am I supposed to wait? Sorry, WASTED, but you’re gonna get the same advice I give to hard and hard-up 16-year-old straight boys: worry less about getting your 16-year-old self laid and more about getting your 20-year-old self laid.Substantial believe that men are most used to sites who seem maximally advanced — over a triumphant of time, profitable in our members.Also believe that men are most protected to services who seem new reproductive — over a protected of every, beginning in our teens.Beat off in the interim, WASTED, remembering to vary your masturbatory routine (left hand, right hand; firm grip, soft touch; with toys, without; lots of lube, just a drop; et cetera), and try to cultivate your own erotic imagination (translation: don’t jerk off to Internet porn exclusively; use your imagination once in a while).I’m not telling you that you should wait until you’re 20 to date.

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